UEFA site design

European site creation whilst at Fortune Cookie

Role: Art Direction, User Interface Design & Information Architecture

UEFA Main Image - Wesley Sneijder from Galatasaray


Site design for European football, working with Creative Director, Jason Fain.

Creation of a home for European football, one of six continental confederations of world football's governing body FIFA. UEFA consists of 54 national association members.

The brief was to give access to a very large and complex amount of information, current news, video content, highlights, interviews, teams & players.

The visual aesthetic was to maintain a consistent approach to the overall brand, whilst allowing for clear differentiations between the differing tournaments & competitions. Production of a clear and concise set of templates to work in each area was key to the overall design and a modular approach was taken so that the various templates required could be easily managed and maintained in the CMS and adapted to different devices including Smart TVs. With such a complex amount of data, constant reviews with the Information Architecture team was vital to ensure that the site structure and taxonomy worked across all levels. A huge amount of user testing and eye tracking went into the research phase of the project to enable the user access to the information required.

The result has been widely acclaimed by the association, member states, teams, players & the general football loving public.

Champions League Homepage design
Champions League homepage design
UEFA TV example full width
News design
UEFA news
Post game review
UEFA post game review
UEFA videos
Post match review highlights
UEFA Post match review highlights