Tesco PLC website redesign

Freelance project working for The Group PLC

Role: Art Direction, design & build consultation

Tesco Main Image - In store branding


With operations across Asia, Europe and North America there are thousands of examples of how Tesco is working with customers, suppliers, charities, NGOs and local communities to fulfil their Community Promise.

The proposition for the resdesign of the Tesco PLC website was to take this information and to make sense of it to employees, customers and communitees, to enable the information to be easily available in one place.

Working with The Group and Tesco’s themselves, we broke the site down into it’s component parts to really understand what was required, what analytic reports showed were most viewed, searched for, and relevant to it’s core users. Content, navigation, functionality and design.

With a focus on simplicity & information being key to the user experience, the design was approach was clean and spacious allowing the content to be easily accessible.

Homepage design
Tesco Homepage design
Tesco ipad example full width
Category landing design
Tesco Category landing design
Article design
Tesco Article Design
Site search
Tesco site search
Drop down navigation - teritary
Tesco tertiary drop down navigation
Drop down navigation - main navigation
Tesco tertiary drop down navigation
Video section full width
Tesco Category landing desig
Video section thumbnails
Cata Grid Image