Speedo eCommerce website redesign

Freelance project working for Pentland Brands

Role: Art direction, design, IA consultation, front end HTML / CSS / JS

Speedo Main Image - Michael Phelps


The brief was to produce an eCommerce site design based on a prebuilt html template as part of an inhouse eCommerce project to get 4 worldwide sites to use the same front end & back end systems.

I consulted with both Speedo and internal Pentland Brands teams to build a design brief that had to use the existing brand guidelines, be consistant with the current packaging design, reference the USA site & vastly improve from a UX position the current site ecommerce site.

The main challenge was to not disassociate the (then) current brand site and to allow the design to be easily transposed onto the (then) current brand site.

Using research data, analyitcs, heat mapping and user feedback (internal & external), we were able to understand where the issues around drop outs, form non-completions, basket abandonments. This was fedback into the information architecture and the designs tweaked and corrected accordingly. A method that we continued to use with the additonal of A/B and Multi Varient testing.

Homepage design
Speedo Homepage design
Speedo water logo photoshop detail
Category landing design
Speedo Category landing design
Product listing design
Speedo Product landing page
Product description design
Speedo Product description design
Checkout page design
Speedo Checkout page design
404 highlight
Speedo 404 highlight
Timout highlight
Speedo Timout highlight
Maintenance highlight
Speedo Maintenance highlight