Kenwood Cooking Chef site design

Brand site creation whilst at Fortune Cookie

Role: Art Direction, User Interface Design & Information Architecture

Kenwood Main Image - Food Styling


Bespoke design for the launch of a new high end range of cookery products, working with Art Director, Dan Virgo.

The big idea was to create a user centred site, enabling people to use their products to the full potential. User generated content was key to the success of the site, providing discussions around features and functions of any particular piece from the range and to exchange, tips, techniques and recipes. Cooking innovation meets design and usability.

The design focus was on the aesthetic of the product itself, and to support the above the line (ATL) advertising which formed the basis for the visual guidance. Supporting imagery was created by food stylists to showcase what was actually possible using the products.

Homepage design
Kenwood homepage design
Kenwood ipad example full width
Attachments design
Kenwood attachments
Optional extras design
Kenwood optional extras
Kenwood recepies
Drop down navigation - primary
Kenwood primary drop down navigation